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Visual Studio 2010 intellisense autofill

I have been facing a problem with Visual studio 2010’s intellisense. Firstly it didn’t show any intellisense options until I hit a Cntl+space and when I fixed that the auto fill would not complete until you manually select the required option from the intellisense list. Here is how I solved it

To overcome the first problem we can do the following

Tools-Options-Text Editor-All Languages. check option Auto list members. This setting can be changed individually for each language as well by changing this option under that particular language. The same is the case for Parameter Information as well.

I started getting intellisense. For example when I type Req it shows me the following

visual studio intellisense

The second problem now is that when I continue typing the assuming that the selected option will be auto typed but end up getting something like Req.QueryString instead of expected Request.QueryString. This is very irritating specially for someone like me who is used to Visual Studio 2008 and ReSharper.

With some investigation and research I found I accidentally had swtiched on low-impact Intellisense mode by pressing Cntl+Alt+space. So I did the Cntl+Alt+space once again to get this working and it fixed the problem. now the auto fill works perfectly.

Hope this helps you in case you are facing this problem with Visual Studio 2010.

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