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Why WordPress?

I asked myself this question a number of times before I went in for it.  Being a .NET professional and having worked on ASP.NET for years what on earth makes WordPress my preference?

WordPress is a great script which often does not get the credit and appreciation that it deserves.  When people think of WordPress, they think of it as just a simple blogging script like any other.  But that is when you get it wrong.  WordPress is not just any blogging software, it is the BEST blogging software which is FREE.  WordPress is simple, and I agree with that statement.   But due to its simplicity, it is open to possibilities.  We have seen WordPress being used in many ways and by some of the top businesses in the industry.  For example look at Well, thats something I was a part of as well.  I am really impressed looking at 15 unconventional ways of using WordPress.

It is a powerful tool with robust features like Themes Support, Extended plugins, Standard web compliance, easy upgrades, spam protection etc.  But the feature I like the most is its user friendliness.

Given the use in my case I go for it because its apt.  All I want to do is put up some of my personal observations and technical challenges I face day-to-day at work.   More over I must add, Christian Mead who is one the best Database Managers I have known, who specialises in SQL Server uses wordpress for his blog and am immediately influenced by him to go in for it.

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